Here's a funny story.

Originally, the track 'Drinks' featured loud barks. I processed them binaurally to create the illusion of the moving dog. You can check it out here: https://nickcarella.bandcamp.com/track/drinks

After couple of weeks, one the game developers reached out to me and asked me to remove the dog. I was a little bit upset, but it was a reasonable request – dogs were drawing too much attention. Imaging this: you trying to beat the game, commanding you peasants to do something great, the food is running low, maybe you have not so much hp. And then. There's. It.

Something stars barking right in your ear, some players were very convinced that the dog is real and tried to find it. That breaks the immersion. It is bad.

Just a couple of hours ago I found this comment on Steam.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 07.32.22.png

I kind of want to remove the booing crowd just to add a line in patch notes for the next update saluting to ChevalierXLIV.